African Yoruba Beaded Crown

Item # YOR101823LT

This beaded crown, known as an “Ade,” comes from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Benin and Togo. The Ade is worn by the king, or “Oba,” and transforms the Oba into the earthly incarnation of Oduduwa, the creator and first Yoruba king. The removable bird on top recalls the bird which Oduduwa used to create the lands of the Yoruba and Ile-Ife. The faces on the sides represent the Oba’s ancestors and establish his royal lineage back to Oduduwa. A thin veil of beads, seen here in front of the crown, hangs from the crown encircling the Oba’s head and separating him from his people. This example dates from the 1980s. It measures 19 inches tall with its bird top on, and is made of beads, fabric, a rigid frame of raffia. It shows signs of age and wear. FREE US SHIPPING

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