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Art and Masks of the Bambara of Mali, Guinea, Senegal and Burkina Faso
Jimini Masks
 Jimini Masks and Art
Kwele Masks
African Artwork and Masks of the Kwele people of Gabon and Congo
Fang Art
 Fang Masks and Art
African Mask of the Tikar people of Cameroon
Punu Masks
African Mask of the Punu people of Gabon and Congo
African Mask of the Kuba people of Congo
Art and Masks of the Baule people of Ivory Coast
Dan Masks
Art and Masks of the Dan people of Ivory Coast and Liberia
African Mask of the Yoruba Nigeria and Benin
Bamileke art and masks
Art of the Makonde people from Tanzania and Mozambique
Art and Masks of the Tsonge people
Drums & Various
Various African art
Art and Masks of the Ashanti of Ghana
Masks of the Chokwe (Tshokwe) people from Congo
Baluba Art and Masks
Senufo Art
African Mask of the Senufo people from Ivory Coast and Mali
Igbo (Ibo)
Masks of the Igbo (Ibo, Kwa) people from Nigeria
Masks of the Marka people from Mali
Art and masks of the Dogon people of Mali and Burkina Faso
Yaure Art and Masks
Guro Masks
Art and Masks of the Guro people of Ivory Coast
Bakota Art
Art and masks of the Bakota people
Bakongo Art
Grebo art & Masks
Rasta Masks
Rasta Masks
Baga Masks
Art and Masks of the Baga
Teke Masks
African Mask of the Teke people from Gabon and Congo
Art and Masks of the Pende
Fante Art and Masks
  Craig Bone and Andrew Bone
African Wildlife Paintings
African oil paintings from Zimbabwean artist Craig Bone.



When most people think of African artwork they think of African masks. But many other items such as drums, sculpture, and fertility idols, also play important parts in African cultural life . Here at we've tried to include a variety of African masks from all regions of the continent including Benin, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Ghana,  Sudan, Mauritania, Congo, Gabon, Senegal, Kenya, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, and the Ivory Coast. Included are pieces from many the great peoples of Africa: Ashanti, Sidamo, Sande, Yoruba, Bambara, Salanpaso, Salampasu, Bobo, Fanti, Baule, Baoule, Punu, Fang, Tikar, Teke and Kudu, to name a few.  Tribal names and African mask names often have numerous different spellings. Please note that while we make every effort to include all known variants, some may have been inadvertently omitted. Please do not hesitate to e-mail with any questions.


So whether you're looking for investment quality African artwork, or a simple African mask as a decorative accent, you'll find many possibilities here. A final word about our newsletter. Our newsletter is not sent on a regular basis. Rather, it is sent out infrequently and then only to alert you to the newest African masks and art on this site. If you decide to join the newsletter, rest assured that we will not deluge you with e-mail. And YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS WILL NEVER BE GIVEN, SOLD, TRADED, OR OTHERWISE SHARED WITH ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD!  



Kevin Meredith



Kuba Mask 30
African Masks - Kuba Mask 30 

Kuba Mask 25
African Masks - Kuba Mask 25 

Kuba Mask 21
African Masks - Kuba Mask 21 

Kuba Box 7
African Boxes - Kuba Box 7 

Kuba Cup 12
African Cups - Kuba Cup 12 

Bete Mask 1
African Masks - Bete Mask 1 

Kuba Cup 15
African Cups - Kuba Cup 15 

Kuba Cup 17
African Cups - Kuba Cup 17 

Jimini Mask 17
African Masks - Jimini Mask 17 

Mama Mask 1
African Masks - Mama Mask 1 

Jimini Mask 18
African Masks - Jimini Mask 18 

Senufo Mask 39
African Masks - Senufo Mask 39 

Fang Mask 61
African Masks - Fang Mask 61 

Lega Mask 3
African Masks - Lega Mask 3 

Pende Mask 15
African Masks - Pende Mask 15 

Jimini Mask 12
African Masks - Jimini Mask 12 

Jimini Mask 14
African Masks - Jimini Mask 14 

Dogon Mask 36
African Masks - Dogon Mask 36 

Mumuye Mask 4
African Masks - Mumuye Mask 4 

Nyamwezi Mask 2
African Masks - Nyamwezi Mask 2 

Bamileke Mask 11
African Masks - Bamileke Mask 11 

Yaure Mask 27
African Masks - Yaure Mask 27 

Baule Mask 72
African Masks - Baule Mask 72 

Kuba Mask 20
African Masks - Kuba Mask 20 

Tetela Mask 6
African Masks - Tetela Mask 6 

Pende Mask 14
African Masks - Pende Mask 14 

Igbo Mask 25
African Masks - Igbo Mask 25 
 Bamileke Mask 10
African Masks - Bamileke Mask 10 




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